Sunday, June 22, 2008

Another Crazy Week Has Gone By...

Oh boy!

I was actually planning on posting here a ton of times... But guess what? Time que eh gudi, nois nao have!!! Week was N U T S ! ! !

Got a new job working at the BYU-I Grounds! So much fun! The only con is that I get to work under the sun for 8 hours a day! Thank goodness there is Sunblock and my skin doesn't get greasy at all here...

Had a couple tests this week, did pretty bad on both. I guess I need to study more and PRAY more...

Friday we had THE PARTY at John's house! It was a Sao Joao ARRETADO! We danced and ate and mingled... It was awesome! Kika, six pack went with me ;)

Saturday... hmmmm.... Idaho Falls! I saw Elder Terry again after 3 years! Holy Crap that was awesome! His fiancee is SO NICE :) They are getting married July 25th.

Today... Well John's house AGAIN! Churrasco e muuuuuuuita comida ;) It was FUN :)

Now I just finished kinda cleaning my room and here I am... Messing with PhotoBooth :)

Boa Semana to everyone! Whoever comes here hehehe...


Blogger Kika & Trevor said...

Menina estude mais nao, que a senhora vai INDOIDAR O CABECAO!! eheheeh

tu tens que vir AQUI relaxar comigo! a gente pega uma piscina BASIC e um bronze PRETCHA PRETCHA PRECHINHA, que tal??? :)


July 2, 2008 at 10:51 AM  

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